All mattresses are made somewhere by someone. The bottom line is, where & who made your mattress really, really, matters.

We don’t like to throw mud at our competitors, but in the end there’s really no comparison- Bandy Bedding is better. You see, most brand name mattresses are made on production lines with the intention of being sold to retailers. Those manufacturers only have one thing in mind when producing those mattresses- productivity (how many and how fast).

That’s not how we do things around here. We make our mattresses right next to our showroom. Each mattress is hand crafted by our employees with YOU, and only you, in mind. We don’t send the mattresses down a production line and toss them from one machine to the next. Instead, we spend time making sure every seam is sewn, every piece of foam is laminated, and we take confidence in building you a better bed. THAT’s the Bandy Difference.